Online teaching

 What tools do I need to conduct an online lesson?

 Online language learning and teaching is becoming more and more popular. How not to get lost in variety of tools:  websites,platforms,programmes?

Today I wanted to share the tools which I found useful and convenient for conducting online lessons.  It’s not about “More is better”, it’s about to use the best tools.

  1.  First of all,an online teacher needs to choose a platform for teaching.  It can be Learncube/.  This is a  platform  like a whiteboard with a video conferencing opportunity. The chat is available. You can upload any kind of materials there including audio tracks. It’s really great when you have PDF and audiotrack in one place without sending too many links.

It’s free for 10 classes a month. The connection is not always the best there.

 2.  Another idea is to use Skype  with Google presentations. Put your material on the slides.
Give access to your student  so he/she can edit it -complete the gaps, type the words and you can always correct his spelling. The student can access it without you. Google presentations are absolutely free. But you have to  make a call and  chat in Skype.

 3. Use Skype and Tess. It’s easy to create lessons there because on the platform  you have  direct links to youtube,images etc. But your student can only open it with our without you without any editing. And  you have to call and  chat in Skype.

4. Use skype and Idroo. It’s an interactive whiteboard where you can download your files, images, you can draw,underline things there. It’s possible to type messages in the chat. But the student can work there  without you. Only a teacher have  the permission to move the page with materials  up or down.

5. Use Skype and Voicethread. It’s a very useful service where you can upload your materials in different formats from your computer (docs,PFD,audio,video) or a link to a webpage,you tudevideo etc.
This service can be used for student’s  self- study,doing homeworks or projects. The teacher can give vocal comments to every slide there. Cool!

6. If you have group classes,use Gotomeeting platform. You can’t download a materials there to work synchroniously. But teacher can share his screen with participants, and make use of the chat. Up to 6 participants can turn on their webcams. There is a 30 days trial period there. Then you have to pay but can have more opportunities(plan Plus can provide you with a virtual whiteboard).

Next time we’ll talk about programmes for creating lesson materials.

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