10 янв. 2017 г.

Inviting and making arrangements

To be able to invite your business partners or arrange meeting with foreign friends you need to learn some phrases.

1.Learn the phrases:

Checking someone is free
Are you free?
Are you doing anything?
Is (Sunday) any good for you?

Making invitations
Would you like to…?
Do you fancy + verb + ing?

Accepting invitations
Sounds great!
Yeah, I’d like/love to…
That’s be lovely!

Refusing invitations (apology + reason)
I’m afraid I can’t make it because…
I’m really sorry, but I can’t … because…

Suggesting a time/place to meet
Shall we meet outside the restaurant at eight?

Suggesting a different time/place to meet
How about +  ing… instead?

Could we meet… instead?

2. Match the phrase and the category.

3. Listen and type the phrases which you hear.


4. Think how to make invitations and arrangements in the  following situations:

  • You want to invite a colleague for lunch tomorrow.
  • A colleague from abroad is coming to your town on a business trip. You have not met him before. Invite him on a tour of the town.
  • Invite your friend to go to a sports event or to art gallery with you on Sunday.

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