2 янв. 2017 г.

Nationality idioms

 Sometimes English people use the name of nationalities in their common everyday phrases.

1. Learn these idioms:
to go Dutch
=everyone pays for himself in a pub or a restaurant.

Dutch courage
= confidence gained after you drink some alcohol

“It’s all Greek to me”
= you can’t make sense of written instructions

Indian summer
= unusually warm period in autumn

Mexican wave
= effect caused by spectators who stand up and sit down at the stadium

French leave

= when you leave without telling anyone that you are leaving or without permission.

2. How would you answer the questions:

1. Have you ever done a Mexican wave?
2. How long is an Indian summer in your country?
3. When did you last say the phrase: "It's all Greek to me"?
4. What things can't you  do without Dutch courage?
5. Have you ever taken French leave?

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